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Yesterday, I was picked second out off of the XC80 board to do a ticket audit of trains 503,506,507. A few questions, 1. Is the first out guy on board is entitled to a runaround claim? 2. Why are we preforming this work, this should be management. I felt I COULD be put into a position of getting a coworker in trouble. 3. Do you union guys know about this? I was not put on duty until I called in my tie up with CMS. I was OA for Employee Involvement. As I said, this should be management work or Metra management work, not possibly putting union member against union member. This needs to be resolved, before they think it is OK. And if it is OK, then it should be called as an extra in order off of the TCL board and maybe add positions to the XT80. Thanks!! Eric

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