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A new three-zone, $6 Day Pass will debut only in the Ventra app on Feb. 1. In addition, Metra’s popular $10 Day Pass will continue to be offered in 2022, but after Jan. 31 it will be available only in the Ventra app.

To incentivize short trips and attract more customers, Metra next year will test a new $6 Day Pass that will be valid for unlimited rides within three zones for a full day. The new pass will go on sale Feb. 1, only in the Ventra app.

The $10 Pass, good for unlimited rides on all Metra lines all day until 3 a.m. the next morning, was introduced as a paper and mobile ticket at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to give customers an affordable and flexible option for riding Metra trains. It is currently being used by about 20 percent of Metra riders. It will continue as a paper and mobile ticket through the end of January, when it will become available only in the Ventra app.

Both day passes will be valid for 7 days from purchase.

Other fare policy changes that start Feb. 1 include: • One-Way Tickets will be valid for 14 days from purchase (change from 90 days). • 10-Ride Tickets will be valid for 90 days from purchase (change from one year). • The Round Trip Plus (Ventra app only) ticket will no longer be sold. • There are no changes to the Monthly Pass, $7 Saturday or Sunday Day Pass or $10 Weekend Pass (Ventra app only).

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