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The latest Commuter Operations Service Unit Crew sheet has Conductor's assignments bulletined to operate trains in back-up service. The Carrier was notified by our general Chairperson this is a violation of our Collective Bargaining agreement.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that every Conductor that performs a back-up on this crew sheet has the contractual right to place a grievance (claim) for this violation of our agreement and forward your Local Chairperson a copy of the grievance for handling.

* Claiming 1 basic day $240.23 in addition to all other earnings account ordered by Commuter

Operations crew sheet effective 07/11/2021 to perform a back-up while working as a Conductor on (assignment). I operated(train no.) from HV000 to NZ005 from (time) to (time) and returned on (train no.) from NZ005 to HV000 from (time) to (time).

Your hours-of-service screen must reflect the trains

and locations you operated on the assignment for

the day.


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