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Metra Mission Plan

The Metra Board of Directors on Feb. 15 approved a 2023-27 strategic plan, “My Metra, Our Future” (see above), which the commuter railroad said focuses on “addressing the operational and financial challenges of a post-COVID world.”

The new plan was drafted and finalized with the assistance of Metra riders, employees and Board members; regional stakeholders; and others through two surveys and several open houses, meetings and workshops. Metra received more than 3,000 comments throughout the process.

Work on the plan started with refining Metra’s mission statement to make it “more concise and responsive to the community input,” Metra said. It is now: “Metra provides safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable commuter rail service that enhances the economic and environmental health of Northeast Illinois.” Next, the vision statement was rewritten to reflect the impact of the pandemic. “Ridership patterns and demand for Metra service have permanently changed, and Metra intends to move toward a ‘regional rail’ service model that provides more frequent service throughout the day to meet this demand, while still supporting peak demand during the traditional rush hour,” the railroad said.

To “fulfill its mission and move toward its vision,” the strategic plan was built around five goals: enhancing service to grow ridership and provide mobility choices; ensuring the Metra experience is “safe, easy and enjoyable” for all riders; attracting a diverse workforce and investing in employees; innovating to become “more efficient and effective”; and being a “socially responsible organization committed to equity and sustainability.”