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I just received word from the General Chairman (confirmed by Dean Ridder) that all the TCL assignments will be abolished. I'm told that positions will be established on the extra board to accommodate these cuts. Also, they will put on switch tender positions at Elburn. We need to work out the details of how these positions will work. I was told by Dean Ridder that they will be running the normal weekend schedule. UPDATE: This has been initiated by Metra due to the rapid spreading of COVID-19. The advertisements will be canceled for all TCL positions. They will operate on the COVID-19 Alternative Crew Sheet without TCL positions, CON only. The Conductor will operate from the sealed off cab car and only open and close the doors, no ticket collection. Special instructions will be put out in a Transportation Bulletin. They will add the positions to the extra board 50/50 split. They will establish assignments at Elburn (Switch Tenders) to get the trains in and out of the yard, most likely 2 shifts, that will be advertised as 5 day a week assignments. Weekends covered by the Extra board. No Conductors will do any back-ups.

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Oct 02, 2020




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