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COVID-19 Reporting

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COVID-19 (Protect Yourself)

Please use this link as a resource for protecting yourself, as we’ve all reached the realization that the carrier is not adhering to the strictest prevention methods to protect us. Our organization is addressing the carriers malfeasance in regards to this potentially deadly situation. We need to take steps to protect ourselves and our families!

Some additional precautions:

-Set a daily temperature check in your household, to stay well ahead of any developing fever.

-If you are experiencing ANY one of the known symptoms, contact our OHN and expedite a doctors visit.

-Shall you exhibit any symptoms and follow up with the OHN, please notify our organization via the COVID-19 Forum or call one of your Local Officers.

-If you have been tested and you’re shown to be positive, please follow the company guidelines and contact one of us, as well as adhere to the CDC Guidelines in regards to reporting.

-In the event you have been exposed through contact with a positive person, notify the OHN, contact one of us and let’s take the quarantine serious.

-Seriously monitor your families health and behaviors during this trying time, let’s keep ourselves and our families safe.

I hope you all remain safe and continue to be vigilant to help prevent the spread. May the most high, shield you in this time.

Vathan Nega


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