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An NS conductor trainee was killed on Dec. 13 in Bessemer, Ala., when a metal object from a train passing on the adjacent main track pierced a window of the locomotive cab and struck the crewman. The FRA is investigating the accident, which involved a piece of angle iron protruding from a freight car. “Based on FRA’s preliminary results from its ongoing investigation, the piece of angle iron appears to have been part of the freight car (not lading, but a repair to the carbody side top cord of a scrap metal gondola car) that was starting to dislodge from the carbody. It appears that the piece of angle iron was in this state when the car was pulled from the customer, moved to a yard, and then added to a different train on the main track,” the Dec. 20 bulletin says.

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09 ene 2023

Sounds like all the container doors that are open everyday on the Ig1lc that Chad toussaint says is ok to depart from the Rockwell. How many windows and mirrors have been smashed already? oh and the container doors that that are open that make it from Long Beach to g3.

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