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How long do I have to acknowledge a bump before I lose any money

Smart TD Local 577
Smart TD Local 577
Oct 01, 2020

@Randy Meeks You are asking a question that is not based in an agreement. There is no agreed upon terms for how long you have to acknowledge that you are bumped. Once you are notified, then we have agreements to cover that. The question then becomes what constitutes a notification. Notification does not have to be verbal. It can be by various means. Since there is no agreement, it then becomes the carriers interpretation because it's their jobs we are working. Previous dealings with this issue have shown that their interpretation when push comes to shove is that you logging in counts as notification. They can't notify you because of RSIA rules. Doesn't say anything about you notifying yourself. This is because, by rule, no one else is supposed to have your log in information. Long story short, if you want as much money as possible, don't poke the bear. Take your notification as soon as you can and place within 3 hours. 3 hours is not in writing either, that is the window that Timekeeping has allowed in past instances without assessing a penalty. Not every scenario is or can be covered by an agreement.



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