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GCA953 says," Letter from GC Edington concerning the Carrier's expeditor video;

Brothers and Sisters,

As you are already aware, UP released a video and presentation on the expeditor position they would like to create. Union Pacific implies they will be implementing this position soon which has caused a great deal of confusion. This implication is false as there is no tentative agreement to modify Crew Consist or run a pilot.

The existing Crew Consist Agreements are intact and in effect. We are required to negotiate with the Carrier over Crew Consist and are currently in mediation. This office will not agree to anything unless it protects our members future, livelihood, and safety. If a tentative agreement is reached between the parties in mediation in the future, the membership will be notified and allowed to vote in accordance with the constitution. Until such time, let the members know we are holding our position and the status quo will be maintained.


Luke Edington

General Chairman


Local Secretary Ricker


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