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Global 3 news.

I don’t know all the facts and plans yet because U.P. Management won’t ever share with it TE&Y employees but there are several changes to G3.

MNPAH- no longer sets out at G3. Those cars will be set out in Proviso, currently the SELK block is still showing DB5’d to the G3SK. Not sure if that will change or if they will make the pick up every night.

LTG2- will P/U G2DS at G3. This means that both LAG2 and LT will make setouts and pick ups.

Proviso is sending manifest cars to G3 for storag. Some of these cars are pick up auto scheduling and are assigned to MNPPR. Not sure if that is a glitch or the new plan.

I would not be surprised if in the near future there is talk about shutting down G3 again. Keep your heads up and be safe everyon!

Nick Delgado
Local Secretary Ricker
Mark wond Wondo
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Jan 19, 2021

Bad News or Good News thanks for the update.



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