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The proviso extra board has been exhausted almost everyday for at least the last 6 months. Obvious 12 slots is not enough what can we do to get spots added to it? What can the union do to get manpower to add? If the company is cracking down on attendance at least staff the boards so we can take a unscheduled PL day for those unplanned events that come up in everyday life. It's not fair for us to be on call 24 7 but if I have a family emergency I have to LS because supply of crews doesnt meet demand. My family and life comes first and if I have to take a hit on attendance for them so be it I wont let them dictate my personal life. You know it's bad when managers are saying get FL that's their answer to everything find a way to make it look good on paper even though its the same dam thing.

lavante washington
Nick Staley
James Young
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Oct 01, 2020

I understand what you're are saying chad. Theres been the compensated day denial forum on this app for 4 months now and nothing has been done. I think amongst the members were frustrated with how long the process takes. What is a sufficient amount of history to prove 6 months a year 2 years? Theres no answer to that meanwhile our members are getting denied or put on levels because the carrier wont staff the boards adequately



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