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Because I think it’s very important to know “The why”, meaning why do we do what we do and why does the carrier do the things it does. Although we aren’t told very often why we need to do certain things or why things run the way they do, we still have access to why the carrier does things. This is a very hard time for us all, the level of uncertainty is palpable. I personally feel it necessary to share with everyone the moves the carrier makes in order to give some level of insight to the people I care about, which is all of you. Below is a link to a SEC filing, pay close to attention to the amount of the trade and who made the trade. The greed makes me sick to my stomach. I think it’s important to know the real reason why we are on the road we are on.

Nick Delgado
Tom Bakr
Unknown member
Oct 01, 2020

TL;DR The amount of the trade was worth $1,551,944.80.



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