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Cft awr and proviso changes Disclosure: these are my personal notes regarding the 528 and 577 meetings about the awry board and proviso. Some of the content was covered by one union but not the other. Awr board We are allowed to work other jobs while on awr as long as it does not interfere with our two days. We MUST be able to protect both days from 0001 to 2359. Some of us are also eligible for railroad unemployment. To see eligibility, how it works, and to apply please go to there is also numbers to call on their website for more info and help. An awr board is now available at yardcenter. If you are on proviso's board and would like to move it must be done after the 24th at 2359. All moves from proviso to yardcenter will be effective on the 1st of august. Awr board currently has no cap for cft, however the union is checking to see if there will be a cap in the future. It is possible that the bottom 100 guys in cft will go to the awr board, due to cuts between proviso frieght and g1 shutdown. This i a GUESSTIMATE! No one really knows how many people will be cut but be ready and remain vigilant. Proviso changes There is a very real possibility that g1 will be phased out in a year and a half or so. Both unions have said 18 months for the full phase out. Marker claims will be almost nonexistent due to "marker men." This was also covered in the joint statement. Utility men will help switching jobs as said before in the union statement however utility jobs that assist switching crews will be taken off when the zones are activated. If flat switching does not work, the company hinted that, we will have the same fate as Hinkle Oregon. At both meetings this was covered and a further reduction of jobs seems to be the better answer. They ended up closing most of the yard due to no success in flat switching. They will have managers around the clock watching to see how this works out. They will be evaluating on how fast we move as well, and, if there are problems, if we are the cause. Also once we are trained to get on and off moving equipment, we will be required to do so. Unless we deam it an unsafe situation. In the past couple days they have reduced the number of cars switched from 1800, with the hump, to 800. Keep in mind claims and safety hotline calls help keep the carrier accountable. Move cars SAFELY and efficiently, do your jobs keep records of anything company offices do to break rules. Then it HAS TO be reported to the respective union. Doing our jobs and keeping the carrier accountable are the tools we have to help us be successful in cft. If we all dont work together to file claims and make reports to the safety hotline we are hindering the unions in any negotiations with the carrier. It is of the utmost importance that we keep the carrier accountable especially through times like these.

Tom Bakr
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Oct 01, 2020

Tempers run high right now on cft because them shutting proviso down is a big possibility. Alot of people could be out of a job for a long time. Road vs cft is not what we need right now. Road guys should be pisting on here if they take a transfer just like yard guys should be posting for things we need to tell you guys. This may sound corny but we all need the claims now more than ever. There is a reason we are a combined union and that reason is brotherhood. Work together against the carrier guys. Joe had good intentions with his question but the real question is how do we get g4 back.



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