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As you all know by now, the Carrier has eliminated the RCL requirement for all utility jobs in the Proviso terminal. This is in no small part because of your voices to SMART 577. We forwarded all of your concerns to our Legislative Rep, which in turn went to the FRA. As a direct result of our concerns being forwarded to the proper people (thanks to you all calling me), UP reversed course and is no longer requiring RCL qualifications. Now they cannot use UTL people the way they want.... which also means UTL transferring freight from Yard 4 to IHB Norpaul is over.

I encourage each and every one of you, whether 577 or 528, SMART or BLE, to get in touch with your officers directly, when necessary, to convey concerns about working conditions. By using proper channels through the unions, you are allowing us to choose the best method, when possible, to get the results we need without having a negative impact on everyone. Again, thank you for helping us correct this inappropriate action by the Carrier.