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Hey CFT Conductors on the PROVISO Vacation Roster! I know a lot of you guys got handed rough vacations this year because of the furloughs. Even though this will add to my workload, I feel like I need to at least give you guys information that may make your lives a little better. So, BELOW, is a list of open weeks. RIGHT NOW, at 5:30PM on Saturday 1/2/21. That could change in a HEARTBEAT. But you HAVE to follow the PROCEDURE. If you want to trade any of your weeks for open ones, send an email to:

I NEED: Name, Cell, EmpID#, Seniority Date, Week you HAVE, Week you WANT. AND, a backup week. I can't do a "late in the year as possible". I need to tear through these requests. So, here they are. First come first served. The order in which I receive the email is the order in which I change weeks. Doesn’t matter if you’re 577 or 528. I’ll change everything Monday or Tuesday. Just get the emails sent NOW so you lock in your spot.

Below shows the DATE - HOW MANY WEEKS OPEN

1/18-5, 1/25-5, 2/1-5, 2/8-2, 2/15-2, 2/22-2, 3/1-3, 3/8-2, 3/15-2, 3/22-2, 3/29-2, 4/5-2, 4/12-2, 4/19-2, 4/26-3, 5/3-3, 5/10-3, 5/17-1, 5/31-1, 6/7-2, 6/14-1, 6/21-1, 7/12-1, 7/19-1, 7/26-1, 8/2-1, 8/30-1

Smart TD Local 577
Chad Evenson
Mike Guercio
Jan 03, 2021

Thanks Karl 😊



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