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2 person crews

Originally our Two Person Crew Bill (SB 24) was scheduled for a hearing last week in the Senate Executive committee, but that committee was postponed.  So we are now re-scheduled for a hearing this Wednesday (3/20) in Executive Committee, where we expect a definitive vote from the committee.

So it is time, once again, to show your support for SB 24 by using the link below to fill out a witness slip as a PROPONENT. It's easy and will only take a few moments. Important reminder: please be sure to click on PROPONENT in the appropriate section. Please follow the directions below to fill out your witness slip (if you need assistance in filling out your slip or have any questions please call our office at 312-236-5353):

Step #1: Click on the link below and fill in all the required personal information. In the Firm/Business/Agency section just list SMART-TD (do not list the railroad you work for). Step #2: In the Representation section just list your Local number or use the term "self" or "concerned citizen" or "railroad worker". Step #3: In the Position section click on PROPONENT. Again, it's very important that you click on PROPONENT and not opponent. Step #4: In the Testimony section click on Record of Appearance Only. Step #5: Click on "I agree to the terms of the ILGA Terms of Agreement". Step #6: Click on "Create Slip" and you'll be finished.

By submitting a witness slip as a PROPONENT of SB 24 you'll be telling the committee members how important this legislation is to you and our members and how it affects public safety. The more PROPONENTS we have for SB 24 the better, so don't delay and fill out your witness slip today!!

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