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Road & Commuter, Vote on our vacation process...

We use the wave system on the Eastern1 Road district. The evaluation process runs down the first splits to the end, then goes down the 2nd splits and so on until all 5 splits are run in seniority orde

If You Suspect Human Trafficking

RAIL STAFF Rail police, conductors, ticket counter staff, and others encounter thousands of people on a daily basis, positioning them to identify potential human trafficking victims. Human traffickers


Safety Bulletin 2023-06; Employee Amputation – Flat Switching, Kicking Operations and Securement Federal Railroad Administration Keywords securement protocols, kicking, training

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You'll get the general wage increases, but if you don't have any earnings for those years there's no retro pay.


Matthew Bahr
Matthew Bahr
23 sept. 2022

How does this effect the personnel that were furloughed as far as increases.

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