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We must protest in writing that working six days a week during Delta COVID is UNSAFE. First we were one person and isolated. Then one person and walking through coaches. Then two crew members and isolated. All of this to protect us from exposure to COVID. But being exposed six days a week, with increasing ridership and DELTA is Bat Shit Crazy cause we are married to engineers who never interact with passengers. And I hear they are crying about that new one in one out, wanting to make it six days to put engineer money back on their job. Come on, five day a week is safer.

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SMART Local create a crew sheet that gives both crafts money and a quality of life. The winning formula is two fold. 1. run two full length round trips, 176 miles. 2. continuous time and meal or working more than 13hrs. 3. five days a week. Now get to work SMART Local and make most crews in a new crew sheet that both crafts will embrace.

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