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This ongoing program is designed to educate, intervene and refer workers to appropriate support services to attain healthier, substance-free lifestyles in lieu of disciplinary action.


Mark Off Numbers
Transportation 866-311-7255
Mechanical 877-788-3979
Engineering 866-828-4673

Assistance for any Union Pacific employee, retiree or family (spouse or child) who has suffered a medical-related emergency that required hospitalization or time off work, or a dwelling-related emergency following a fire, flood or other weather event that caused them to be out of their primary home. For any questions regarding applications, please contact a committee member

or call 800-457-7962

Union Pacific's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to provide that help. The EAP provides counseling and referral services for employees and their families who are experiencing personal or work-related problems.



Leave of Absence

MLOA - Medical Leave of Absence

This must be requested in writing through the UP Nurse,


Or on a UP work terminal access eHealthSafe 

BV - Bereavement Leave

TE&Y employees

that have established seniority, may take up to three (3) consecutive days beginning the day of death, or ending the day of funeral, or day immediately following funeral.

LA - Leave of Absence

This must be requested in writing to your assigned manager, they are the only people who can get you in contact with HR, follow up with a phone call.

LY - Military Leave

Know your RIGHTS   

Who and how to request military leave , where to send copy of

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