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  YOU are the only one that knows how our agreement was violated. The local chairman is just trying to make heads or tails of what is in your claim. When you submit a claim, you are alleging that the railroad did something wrong. The burden of proof is on you! To uphold your claim, someone with authority over you must order you to perform work that violates our contract.


  Essential facts are needed in ALL claims-WHO, WHAT WHEN, WHERE. and WHY. INFORMATION is the key to claims getting paid. Getting paid is secondary to getting the railroad to uphold our agreements. IF YOU do not put complete information in YOUR claims, they do not have a good chance of getting paid.


  You have 60 days from the date of an incident to submit your claims. If you are not sure of what information is needed in your claim, or what you should write, consult with a union officer BEFORE you submit the claim. Your claim needs to be right the first time you submit it.

  The final judgement of your claim reverts to what YOU wrote, not what someone else wrote for you. The ways YOU present, write, and prove YOUR claims are of the utmost importance.


  The purpose of a claim is to protect your contract. Take the time to do it right. This benefits YOU as well as all of our members.  

Local Chairman Access

You must log into the UP website and go to the CMTS home screen Click PERSONAL INFO You must put in  Local Chairman Bakr's User ID of OTSO348. Without doing this Local Chairman Bakr can not help with any payroll problems, or help with any and all claims or appeals. He cannot process any claim issues, payroll issues, guarantee issues, or appeals on behalf of you without the members authorizing our Local Chairman Bakr by putting in his User ID # OTSO348.

Step 1


How to print declination pages for claim submission

Claims Processing

Proper submission of your claims to the Local Chairman should be as follows for each claim:

  • Create a Claims ​folder on your computer/phone.

  • Print timeslip as a PDF.  Assign it a 6 digit date code to the file name, example (010122). If there are multiples on the same date, add a -1 or -2 and put it in Claims folder on your computer/phone, example (010122-1).

  • Print pay slip as a PDF.  Assign it a 6 digit date code following the word Paystub and put it in Claims folder on your computer/phone, example (Paystub 011022)

  • Upload/scan any supporting documents and put it in Claims folder on your computer/phone. 

  • Open your Claims folder and attach all files from folder for one pay half, including Paystub showing the claims declination information and any supporting documentation, to the email and send it to:


Emailing your claims is the only method of submission to the Local for appeal. If you need help, contact a Union Officer.

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