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Vacation Trades

Once you and the other employee on the same vacation list have worked out a trade for vacation weeks, BOTH parties must email the following information. This is also the process for open allocations. If the information below is not in your request, your transaction will NOT be processed and we will move on to the next request in the inbox:

  • Employee Name

  • Employee ID#

  • Phone Number

  • Seniority Date

  • Vacation List

  • Date You Want to trade indicating the start date of week

  • How many weeks you want to trade

  • Who you want to trade with and for what week, or the open allocation indicating the start date


Send the above info to:

How does a Vacation work?

Questions about splitting your weeks? 

How is it assigned?

How much do I get?

Click the link below for full explanation

What is Vacation Preponderance?

Your Preponderance of Service is based off the majority of hours worked between April 1 through September 30. That means where you had the most hours worked (Craft/Location) is what you earned for next year.  Click the link below for full explanation

Local 577 Eastern 1 Road & Commuter

Vacation Submission Process

(NZ021-80TN, NZ077-TNM, NR050-SWI, AT230-TNM and SM198-TNM)

The vacation submission process is done through computer submission on the Union Pacific Website.  Go to "Crew > Crew Pro Vacation Scheduling".  Vacation bids are due December 1st. If you need help with your submission click below for information and instructions.

Chicago Freight Terminal YARD Only

Vacation Submission Process

Download vacation bid form, fill it out, and submit it before December 1st

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