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Return To Work - Furlough Information

With some of the changes coming about with the Commuter Operations Crew Sheets and the traffic on a rebound, crew demand is increasing, expect to see multiple rounds of recalls outside of those already completed. There is a process, I will try and touch on the major components here. I’ve also included a link below, with very pertinent information and contact numbers. When receiving the recall, the most CRITICAL step of the process is contacting the Northern Region Return To Work Hotline at: 801-212-3890. This gets the wheel turning and initiates the Return To Work Process. This is key! Employees furloughed in excess of 365 days, will be subject to a Return To Work Physical Examination (LHI) which includes a Drug Screening and FRA Hearing & Vision. Employees furloughed less than 365 days will be required to complete a Return To Work Attestation as one of the initial steps. RETURN TO WORK ATTESTATION:

All furloughed employees (Non-Expired/Not Within 180 Days of Recert) will be required to take a Return To Work Exam (2021 TE&Y Return To Work Study Guide), receive a “Super Job Briefing” which entails recent changes and updates across the service unit and systemwide rules, administered in a 1 Day Class. Any employee who is expired and/or within 180 days of recertification will be required to complete the Full Rules Exam Process (2021 TE&Y Rules Training Packet), the full recertification process which requires a CFR 242 Test (Usually given at Service Unit Rules Classes), an update of MVR information and employees must complete FRA Hearing & Vision unless you fall in to the excess of 365 days furloughed as outlined above whereas the Return To Work Physical Examination includes FRA Hearing & Vision. STUDY GUIDES: If you have any question, concerns or hit any bumps along the process. Please reach out to me at the Proviso Training Shanty phone at 708-649-5273, J.J. Roe at 708-649-5122 or on my cell phone if response is required in an emergency.


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