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We've recently received calls concerning Interim Break (4 hour break). This subject can be confusing as not everyone is familiar with it.

We have been in contact with. KS SLD Dragoo and asked for his assistance with common questions and with the FRA on the subject.

As the Carrier generally does not use the rule as designed with freight service, we hope to enlist the help of Brother Dragoo and the Legislative Dept. to possibly be able to make a presentation to the FRA to amend the rule for freight service. We believe that the abuse of the rule makes an unsafe work environment.

Below are the top three questions, with answers, that this office receives.

1. Q. Can I be placed in interim break at an intermediate point?

A. No. You must be at your home or afht to be placed on break.

2. Q. How long can they place me in interim break?

A. The break must be a minimum of 4 hours to be an interim break. These 4 hours do not count towards your HOS when you return to work. If