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Vice Local Chairman for Metra

Mason Lockett (312) 315-5756

Let's utilize our elected officers before contacting the Local Chairman for general questions.

Local Secretary Ricker
mlockett35 Vice Local Comm. Op

Guess what today is? Any takers? If you guessed CMS is blanking jobs again then you guessed correctly. Having a hard time believing our union can't do shit about this.


Please fill out this brief questionnaire to tell us more about your experience with Metra, whether you currently ride Metra trains or don’t. As

travel patterns continue to evolve, Metra wants to capture your most recent experiences and opinions to inform future improvements

🚨REMINDER: Tuesday, April 30, is the last day to use your Ten-ride tickets! 10-ride tickets will not be valid for travel after April 30. Ten-ride tickets are not refundable.


All things Metra related


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