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Vice Local Chairman for Metra

Mason Lockett (312) 315-5756

Let's utilize our elected officers before contacting the Local Chairman for general questions.

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    Sticking jobs... 09/25/23

    They are knowingly sticking jobs this morning, due to improper staffing of the HV000 XC80 & HV000 XT80 boards...

    Job 1107 TCL (1207) was not called, Extra Board was called out of turn to once again protect jobs with a back up at the carriers will.

  • Before you go on your Back-up, THINK 2.21 STOWED !

    Stowed means:


    When items such as electronic devices, literature, etc. are required to be stowed, the items are not properly stowed until they

    are placed out of sight in the employee's grip, luggage, back pack, etc. Personal electronic devices must be turned off and are

    not considered stowed when placed in pockets or device holders.

  • Local Secretary Ricker

    ACTION NEEDED: Ask Your Member of Congress to Oppose the Extreme Cuts to Passenger Rail

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