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Compensated Day Denial

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Compensated Day Denial Claim Claiming a days pay at the punitive rate for the Carrier violating the 1991 Crew Consist Agreement, by not staffing the protecting extra board accordingly, to allow for Reasonable Layoff Privilege. I requested a compensated day on (date) at (time) and was denied, by CMS due to a “lack of manpower“ as stated by EAMS, the on duty crew caller and/or CMS Manager.

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    I don't understand how when boards have crews and no one laid off on pool and guys available on extra board still get denied. And yet when the boards are fried like they've been every weekend still can't get a compensated day. But yet there's guys with compensates days and get to extended them when the boards are fried. But I can't even get one day when boards actually have available crews on them now. Really getting tired of this.

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