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The DRO point out that Metra was VERY aware that the list of rules below are not being followed. DO YOUR PART, show YOUR presence adds value. COMMUTER OPERATIONS SUPERINTENDENT BULLETIN NO. - 12 SECTION B: - PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES Personal electronic devices, including cell phones, must be turned off and stowed out of sight while employees are on duty on board Metra trains. reference GCOR Rule 2.21. COMMUTER OPERATIONS SUPERINTENDENT BULLETIN NO. - 30 SECTION: D - SUBJECT: TRAINMEN I. UNIFORM STANDARDS A. GENERAL INFORMATION The neat appearance of conductors and collectors is an important aspect of our Commuter service. Employees on duty are required to wear the prescribed uniform and be neat in appearance. II. WORKING TRAINS A. CONDUCT Smoking, eating or drinking beverages other than water, while loading or working Commuter trains is prohibited. Trainmen must not occupy coaches closed to the public unless their duties require. The practice of trainmen reserving a seat for themselves for personal belongings or for use as an "office" is prohibited. Employees should be aware of the fact that their activities are being constantly observed and heard by the public at all times. G. UNLOADING TRAINS When making station stops, all members of the train crew must be on the platform to assist passengers. Because of the length of certain trains, one or more cars may be on a crossing adjacent to the station platform. In such cases, a member of the train crew should be at the car on the street crossing when possible. At stations located in curved track where the designated crew member cannot view the entire train, the Conductor will ensure that a member of the crew is positioned near the middle of the consist, where the entire train is visible. At these stations, this crew member will be responsible for both the second look and the operation of the doors.


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