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New Hire

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Eastern 1 AWRR Employees

If you have been displaced from a Permanent or Temporary Assignment and have yet to be Class 6 RCO qualified and junior employees are holding a Permanent Position at Rochelle Global III (Due to their Class 6 RCO qualification)...

You can, request via CMS (Please make sure they note your request and subsequent denial) to make a seniority placement at Rochelle. If they deny your seniority move due to the lack of Class 6 qualification, you can file a grievance via our normal protocol (Submit a non-service claim for Seniority Restriction) and follow through with it, every day you are not allowed to exercise your seniority. We will make headway, our agreements are the lifeline we will use in this battle.

I will list the agreement and sub-sections of the agreements protecting these requests in subsequent comments with additional understanding. It’s a battle, we have to step to this battle with the same malice the carrier is exhibiting, the heartless approach. We can only hurt them in one place, the pocket. Arguing, disrespecting and blatant ignorance is not the route we need to take, they’ll use the rules to protect them.

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All things about new hires. Still in your training period an...


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