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Those of you performing enroute work at West Chicago...

Please notify our Legislative Rep and Tom or myself, if you are being required to accept portions of trains that you feel may have not been air tested properly. Save all paperwork or place in the 577 box at the bunker with a small note, so we can process the information.

If your train is a Class I (30.3.1) tested train when departing its origin location, any cars added in route must be Class I tested. Regardless of the distance of travel. If your train is classified as an Extended Haul Train (30.3.5), all cars added in route must have been tested by a Qualified Mechanical Inspector. If you have any questions as to how, where, when or by whom the tests are to be performed, refer to 30.10.1 and the associated rules to the chart.

Lets not take any shorts here, the Carrier must be held accountable!

Smart TD Local 577
Oct 02, 2020

And I forgot to mention that was after sitting at La Fox for 15 minutes and 1 hour 40 minutes at Kress.



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