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Legislative Representitive Robert Blomgren

For Safety Concerns and Violations

(312) 420-5409

Local Secretary Ricker

OTC lunch room ceiling dropping!

Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) final rule on a National Public Transportation Safety Plan and the formation of Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASPs).

ProPublica released a story on how the Class I railroads have swept under the rug multiple injuries and deaths. A modern-day railroad coverup. You can read the story here.

I encourage you take a few minutes to read this story, and to share with family and friends. This story is just one more piece where we continue to pour sunshine on the hidden world of the railroads.

This is also a good time to notify SMART-TD of any unsafe working conditions; just click the orange button below to start the reporting process. And please stay safe out there!

In solidarity,

Greg Hynes

SMART-TD leadership contributed to this article that exposes how rail carriers control the narrative and move the goalposts when it comes to reported work-related injuries and deaths.


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