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So we were called for a coal train at river forest command center ordered us an Uber that one canceled another one was ordered it showed up we got in cab as we were headed to what we thought was river forest we noticed we were going the wrong way we tried for blocks to get the guy to stop he did not speak English we finally got him to stop had to speak into his phone to tell him he was going the wrong way called command center was told to get out of his car and another was called for us command center called back said he was 2 min away to watch for him 10 minutes went by called back command center at this point there was a shift change the new guy on duty didn't know anything about it was told after more time went by that no Uber would accept the call we have been standing in a parking still at this point right now for over an hour and a half now waiting on a manager to pick us up because of Uber not knowing how to run their business

Local Secretary Ricker
Aug 27, 2021

Cause in the end we still gotta take the damn train I just wanna get on and off that shit letting him go where ever wouldn't have helped us one bit



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