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Run Off Elections

If a member fails to receive the majority of the votes cast for an office, then the top two nominees will be cast in a runoff election. This happened twice on the last ballot. One for Vice President and the other for Vice Local Chairman 1. Runoff ballots will be stuffed and mailed by 11-17 and counted at the Dec 5th meeting starting at 6pm.

Your vote matters. In order for it to be a valid vote there are several things that need to happen:

1) you must be a member in good standing

2) you must fill out the return address section of the postage paid return envelope. This is how we verify members in good standing.

3) do not make any extra markings on the ballot. Only mark next to the names you wish to vote for. One vote per position.

4) place the completed ballot inside the envelope marked "A" and seal it.

5) place the "A" envelope inside the postage paid return envelope and seal it. Don't forget to fill out the return address!

6) drop it in the mail. It must be recieved by 6pm on ballot counting day.

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