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Comm Ops Bulletin 25

Section C II:


" It is the responsibility of all crew members on Commuter Operations assignments to immediately notify Commuter Control if any member of their crew fails to report on time for their assignment"

That's how it currently reads as of 7/17/19

If you want to be late for work that's on you, however, you now just pulled your whole crew into YOUR problem. Now the carrier can charge them with failure to follow written instructions or dishonesty for covering YOUR problem. You have a responsibility to protect your own job and someone else's. The carrier is already talking to engineers about turning in late conductors. Do you really want to put them in a position where they have to choose between them getting charged or you?

On the same note:

Section VII:

The conductor must provide the track warrant for bulletin to the engineer within the first 10 minutes of the on duty time at the initial terminal.

It's in writing people, it's YOUR job to get them not the engineers.

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Tom Bakr
Tom Bakr
Oct 01, 2020

Remember that word, Conductor...



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