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HV000 XT80 Trainmen

If you are called off of the XT80 board for an equipment move, other than a Back-Up to Cal Ave, M-19 and/or Mail Pocket(s), please let us know. Also, please submit a non-service claim requesting compensation at CON pay for performing services as a CON when performing an equipment move, such as a car swap or engine swap to Elburn. These moves should be called off of the XC80 board as the assignment should require a CON.

Also, please read the latest Transportation Bulletin! You must contact Commuter Control prior to Tie-Up of your assignment when called on a Back-Up. It is imperative you do this. There has been a situation where the Back-Up man was going to be utilized for another set of equipment and the employee was allegedly already almost home when calling to Tie-Up. We don’t need this happening to one of us, nor do any of us need the discipline which may be levied for non-compliance with this bulletin.

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