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Commuter Operations (Metra) Update

As of today 10/01/2020, we were notified during a Conference Call involving Tom Bakr (577), Jimmy Sanders (528) and Dean Ridder:

The Purchase of Service Agreement (PSA) has been extended through 12/31/2020. At that time, discussion will reconvene to determine service levels, staffing, scheduling, etc...

No changes to the levels of staffing for T, E & Y are expected until 12/31/2020, when talks resume regarding the PSA...

TCL (Brakeman/Swingmen) positions will not return or be filled until there is an approved vaccine available for COVID-19 as advised by Omaha to Commuter Operations...

The Peer Trainer position is expected to be decided and filled 10/06/2020. It is our stance, the position will be filled by a 577 member, for the first 2 years and then cycled year by year with a member of 528. Once the position is filled, 238/239, Charm School and Rules Classes will resume to normal scheduling. At that time expect to see Advertisements for QPC qualification to be posted and all members of our organization to be qualified in Passenger Service...

Local Secretary Ricker
Unknown member
Oct 04, 2020

Great idea. State closes again Sat because of the pandemic but hey, let's hold some classes.



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