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Unruly passengers

Our union officers had been working on having the carrier commit to solving the issue of crew and passenger altercation. Unfortunately many of these scenarios where reported to local union officers, management, or via safety hotline.

Not to METRA police!

This is the first and most important action that needs to happen. Stop the train, call the METRA police, keep yourself safe, and wait for assistance.

Metra has consistently rebutted that the metra police have not been called therefore must not of had a situation during the trip.


The attached bulletin from METRA outlines the proper and recommended procedure for calling METRA police and the onboard incidents that would necessitate reporting.

Smart TD Local 577
Local Secretary Ricker
Ricker Marc
Chad Evenson
Chad Evenson
Sep 14, 2021

That bulliten is complete bullshit. I've been threatened with murder by a passenger. They had the guys contact info and they didn't do a damn thing. I've been assaulted and threatened with assault and they don't do shit. METRA police is a copout by the carrier to not provide a safe work environment for their employees. UP did nothing but pass the buck to METRA every time. Cops were called , cops rarely showed up, and UP gets off scott free.



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