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Compensated Day Denial

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It is our stance, the carriers continuous denial of compensated days without properly staffing the protecting extra boards is a violation of our agreements applicable to the situation. Going forward, besides requiring the caller and/or CMS Manager on duty, to document your request as a Denied PL/LV in the system and notifying us via this platform. We want to hold the carrier accountable with abiding by our signed and dated agreements, so please initiate a claim filed under CMS Mishandling with the following wording:

Claiming a days pay at the punitive rate for the Carrier violating the 1991 Crew Consist Agreement, by not staffing the protecting extra board accordingly, to allow for Reasonable Layoff Privilege. I requested a compensated day on (date) at (time) and was denied, by CMS due to a “lack of manpower“ as stated by the on duty crew caller and/or CMS Manager.



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