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COVID-19 Reporting

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COVID-19 (Protect Yourself)

Please use this link as a resource for protecting yourself, as we’ve all reached the realization that the carrier is not adhering to the strictest prevention methods to protect us. Our organization is addressing the carriers malfeasance in regards to this potentially deadly situation. We need to take steps to protect ourselves and our families!

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  • Local Secretary Ricker

    "“They used a workplace-safety agency to issue a vaccination mandate for most working Americans. They threatened to fire noncompliant employees and warned that service members who refused to vaccinate might face dishonorable discharge and confinement. Along the way, it seems federal officials may have pressured social-media companies to suppress information about pandemic policies with which they disagreed,” Gorsuch wrote.

  • On April 10, 2023, President Biden officially declared the end of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency by signing House Joint Resolution 7. The 30-day clock to the reinstatement of the RRB benefit cuts runs out next month.

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