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COVID-19 Reporting

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I feel like the company has failed us in a few ways regarding our health and safety during this pandemic! These trains are still nasty and they aren't being cleaned anymore now than before this unfortunate situation started. In my opinion there should be a crew waiting to disinfect these trains upon arrival into downtown, Elburn and other outlying points before they go back out provided there is enough time or if the equipment is gonna be sitting there for a prolonged period of time which many do. Attached is a pic of a rag i used to disinfect the railings, and key box/door control panel on 3 cars i worked in on Metra 36. Utterly disgusting and unacceptable for a company that requires us to be potentially exposed to this virus on a day to day basis. Also our common areas such as locker room, lunchroom, sleeping room and media room should in my opinion be cleaned atleast 3 times a day, once in morning, afternoon and evening. Currently it's only being done in the evening, which was the normal time before this whole thing started. Ive also spoken with a lady by the name of Shanna at the Omaha 402 number that is suppose to be the dedicated health and safety line for the Covid 19 situation and communicated all of the above concerns.

Smart TD Local 577
Eric Nolan
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Oct 02, 2020

Or.... We could keep reporting and protect ourselves under the whistleblower act? Yes, I like my idea better



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