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I have a question about regular assignment.

we have multiple regular jobs now

Sterling- LST01 & LPG04

G3- IG3SK & G3G3

West Chicago- LPJ05 & WGWG

I was wondering if they are all correctly created. I believe they are all posted as 100 mile jobs. Some of these don’t travel that far others travel farther.

LPJ05- is approx 137 mile to and back

G3G3- is bulletin Clinton to proviso but only 100 miles.

As a follow up question - does 100 miles pay more due to overtime starting after 8 hours? Or would higher mileage pay more?

Im just trying to make sure jobs are bulletin for the best pay for our members. so if 100 is better I’d just like to know.

I’ve also seen that these jobs are starting to be bulletin to cover the whole service unit so that there will be no chance to get a claim if the company sends you in another direction or further than what the job was intended for.

Thanks for any info