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Should I be wearing my new hire hat? I've been told by some conductors that while I am on awrr, I need to be within arms length of them. Just wanting to make sure I am complying with rules and regulations. Cause it may seem that I am not capable of being trusted on awrr. Is this true or not either part? And I do not want to get any conductors in trouble when I am 20 feet away throwing a switch for them.

Nick Delgado
01. 10. 2020

Awrr employees should not be used to get any job quicker. Nor should they be used to supplement a conductor and do their work. You are there for familiarization NOT a brakeman or an extra hand. The further away from your conductor you are and the more you do to help them out acting as a brakeman gives the company more reason to keep people on awrr.

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