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Today on ILBG4 29 I was instructed by Sam Thomason that my paper work was wrong and we don't need to do a class 1 air brake test. He gave me his initials and told us to go. Every day this train goes in there it is required to be air tested.

Alex Dimitroff

I posted this 3 weeks ago.

"Brothers and Sisters,   We’ve had some reports of UP forcing our members to air test cars they add to an extended haul train.  As you know, cars added to an extended haul train must be air tested by a Qualified Mechanical Inspector.  The information we received in the previous reports was incomplete and dated therefore we need examples that are recent and have all the pertinent information (see below).  Please let your membership know we are needing this information asap so the FRA can address the violation.       Train symbol Train list & BU Location/milepost Date & time Manager(s) involved Radio Channel Members name, phone number and email address Copy of air slip (if possible)   If you get reports of this violation, please inform your Legislative Representative and CC any officer in the GC office.    Fraternally,   Luke Edington General Chairman SMART TD GO-953 Phone (785) 273-7737"



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