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There seems to be misinformation for submission of claims to further progress by the union. 1) a non service claim MUST be made. We can not progress heat tickets. These are only helpful to include but can not be progressed by themselves. 2) a declination page from SAP payroll stub MUST be included. We need 1 for each claim submitted. It literally takes 5+ hours to even start processing claims if we have to stop and make copies, unstable and reorder or find missing documents. Please include 1 declination for each and every claim. 3) please staple together in this order: Top sheet...the claim itself Center sheet(s)...heat tickets, screen shots, call logs etc. Any supporting documents to prove your claim. Bottom page...the declination page of your pay stub. These steps will greatly improve our processing time. Any help you can give us to expedite the process will be greatly appreciated.


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