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(Eastern 1 & Midwest Seniority Districts)

Standing Bids...

The 2010 Standing Bid Agreement states in part, that:

D: Each six (6) months on January 31 and July 31, all applications will be purged and employees will resubmit their bids in accordance with Article 1 above.

There were multiple violations (Non Valid Awards) of this agreement by the carrier in the past few days, post 07/31/20. We ask that each person affected (Awarded/Displaced Due to Non Valid Awards), please submit a claim for Restriction of Seniority by violation of Article 2, Section D of the 2010 Standing Bid Memorandum of Agreement dated September 9, 2010.

The Carrier has taken a stance that “they can’t comply“ with this Agreement due to their inability to maintain manpower or programs in their respective departments to facilitate the purge.

We ask that you please file these grievances and follow up with progression to the Local Chairman when they are denied. We will continue to discuss with the carrier, this issue, as we have had multiple forms of correspondence go uncorrected to this point.

Here is the link to the 2010 Standing Bid Memorandum of Agreement as housed on our Local Website:

Local Secretary Ricker
Unknown member
Oct 03, 2020

Please review and resubmit your Standing Bids that are dated prior to 7/31/2020.



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