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Global 3 under review. The superintendent stopped by G3 Thursday July 11th and had an extreme conversation with Management. In short what was said was G2/proviso can’t handle the flat switching so the are sending more work to G3. If G3 can’t handle the work he would suggest and look into moving all freight out of G3 and shutting the place down. This is second had word from MOP Tovar. This has me concerned. I have brought my suggestion to G3 management for ways to make this work. Such is the fact that we have to many work events. How can you get any switching done when you have 5 inbound trains making a set out and pick up in a single 8hr shift. On top of that and 5-7 originating outbound trains that need to depart. We have a mix of highly skilled and motivated workers with some fresh new employees so we do a fantastic job in my point of view. But at what point will the company realize that a yard has a maximum capacity and pushing it over the limits doesn’t mean bad employees but means it’s a bad plan. If nothing changes to alleviate the amount of work events at G3 we most likely will not succeed. And I for one am so proud to be part of the G3 team. From the employees who trained me, the employees I’ve worked side by side and the new employees willing to learn and give their best efforts. My opinion, my assessment, my thanks.

Tom Bakr
Darryl Scott
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Oct 01, 2020

I agree but I'm sick of failure on the hands of our management. I also work at G3 because I like G3 and running the remotes. I don't want to have yet another terminal close due to mismanagement.



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