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The carrier is again, ordering flip crews out of Proviso all the while there are 7 rested crews (4 on held away) in Clinton.

This is getting ridiculous, you don’t know when to wake up or when to go to sleep. Then you’re on a train, drained and tired as hell.

A Safety Hotline complaint has been issued.

“Why are crews always being deadheaded from Proviso to Clinton, to flip on trains when we have multiple crews rested and on held away at Clinton. Employees look at the line up, then the wake and get ready response is initiated, you expect to go to work based off of the train lineup. Then you’re awake and the deadhead(s) gets put on the trains and you end up stuck for a few more hours at Clinton, now awake, when you could of went back to bed and been better rested for work. This is happening more and more often, today it was NZ021 RT81 P003 ordered for DH30 18 03/18/22 0930 which was flipped on NZ140 RT81 ZBRG2 16 03/18/22 1224, when there were 7 crews rested and 3 of those crews on held away (Meaning the crews were already at minimum, away from home 16 hours). This is creating a major fatigue issue as well as unbalancing time at home and time at the away from home terminal. Situations like this and the distorted and never accurate train lineup at NZ021 and NZ140 is going to eventually lead to a catastrophic incident.”

This needs to be immediately and directly addressed with the GM at Chicago…

James Young
Jeffrey Matys
Mar 26, 2022

When is there going to be something done about this been sitting in Clinton Iowa for over 24 hours again time I could be at home can't be rested to go to work out here cause we have no idea when we will get called attendance policy that is ridiculous now 12 people go out on borrow outs and our boards are short something needs to be done immediately about this



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