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Vacation Trades

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Hey everyone. With the volatile swapping of vacations going on (kind of like the stock market crashing), it's very important that we go over the rules.

-All vacation swap requests go through e-mail submission.

-All requests MUST MUST MUST have the following: NAME, EMP ID, CELL, SEN DATE, Week you HAVE, Week you WANT, who you're trading with (if applicable). If any of that is missing, it's an invalid request, and we move on to the next request. You will need to resubmit and lose your place in line. Please, please include everything above.

-Requests are handled every 36-48 hrs, as we can't continuously monitor.

-The swaps BETWEEN PEOPLE (same vacation roster only) are handled automatically when received (again 36-48 hours) ONLY after an e-mail is received from both parties from their own respective e-mail addresses.

-The swaps for OPEN ALLOCATIONS are handled on a first come first served basis. For example, if I have ONE open spot on Aug 1, and 10 people e-mail with a swap request, the FIRST VAILD e-mail will be granted the swap. The other nine will receive a return e-mail stating that the week is filled and to resubmit.

-IF, and ONLY IF a request for a swap is WITHIN two weeks of the first vacation date (very close window), please text Karl (630) 333-7110 so we can be on the lookout for it.

Any questions, please let me know. -Karl

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