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It has been brought to my attention by the Legislative Director that we have a huge issue with the facilities on the north end of yard 9. Dennis Mogan from the ICC did a spot check yesterday (March, 10th) and witnessed crews changing out of the backs of their cars and also noticed a sewer like smell in the building itself.

My question is, why hasn’t anyone reported this to myself or Mr. Joost? these are serious issues that need to be addressed. I cannot fix things that I don’t know about.

I will be on property tomorrow to see for myself how bad the situation is. I am meeting with Mr. Mogan today and also with Mr. Bakr.

We need to report any and all safety issues in order to get things resolved and to hold this carrier accountable.

My contact information is available through this app and my phone is always on. For those who can’t navigate the app, I will provide my info here...

We cannot fix things unless we work together.

Aaron R. Vanderhei


Mike Guercio
Mike Guercio
Oct 02, 2020

Place stinks again, if I was to guess, every time they pump the sceptic system out, which happened yesterday. It sucks out the traps, letting the gas leak into the trailer.



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