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Can we talk about forcing and why it's still going on? It was an issue before I got furloughed and still is going on today. I believe this is bigger than just them ignoring one of our agreements and putting in a time slip. This is them ignoring multiple agreements. The awts agreement also has system in place for filling unassigned jobs which they are not following and also once again they are not back filling the Awr board. I know this doesn't seem like a big issue and doesn't affect most of our members but that does not mean it shouldn't be addressed. There is currently a small number of employees working under a different set of rules than everybody else because the carrier has decided to draw a magic line in the senority and not allowing them to exercise it while everyone else is still able to move around as usual. Just because it only affects a small number doesn't make this harassment right. Not only is it taking money from out members, messing up their quality of life but it might take their job. If they are forced to a job on a weekend because they were bumped while on duty and now have to work when they should have been off and have to take 8pts for an LS makes this new attendance policy extremely biased and unfair.

Local Secretary Ricker
Nathan Vega
Feb 27, 2021

Also to point out there was still at least 4 members on the bump boards this morning and 8 unassigned spots on proviso xb alone just to prove my point. If they say are doing this due to man power shortages then wouldnt they force everyone?



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