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I’m posting this on both the yard and the vacation boards. On the CFT vacation board, the NZ021-70SW (excludes yardmaster and CRO preponderance guys and gals) I currently have 5 different weeks with vacancies in them. They’re not late in the year, but at least for any of you with vacation scheduled in the next three weeks, the weeks can be shifted back. Again, not the greatest of choices, but they’re available and first come first served. I CANNOT take over phone or any social media. You MUST send an email

to Include NAME, ID #, CELL, SEN DATE, week you HAVE, and week you WANT. Do it fast, they will go quickly. and the first emails I get will get the slots they want. 528 could also take some. I’m giving you a head start....

as of 1430 4/17:

5 weeks available 5/4

1 week available 5/11

1 week available 5/18

1 week available 5/25

1 week available 6/8

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