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BRC New Home Terminal - DISCUSS!

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OK everyone:

Enough of the Facebook circus. Here is the proposed agreement. We are now in our own discussion where only 577 members are inputting their opinions. You know what the document states.. Are there any thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Now is the time. Here is the place. Go.

Local Secretary Ricker

To further Warren’s and Max’s comments aren’t we supposed to be brothers. To me this whole process is backwards. Why is there 2 different yard locals. From what I hear it always wasn’t that way. Why is it as new hires the CFT is split into 2 different unions and nobody else is. Is it the money? Split up the votes? We have tools like this to have a discussion amongst each other. But I am only getting the half the opinions from half of our members. How do I know that the other union is giving them the same info.



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